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6051 Aircraft Modelling Techniques vol.2 - Interiors

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Producent: AMMO of Mig Jimenez
Kod produktu: AMMO6051


Tytuł: Aircraft Modelling Techniques vol.2 - Interiors

Numer katalogowy: 6051

Wydawnictwo:AMMO OF MiG

Volume #2 of the definitive encyclopedia of model aircraft. This second volume covers in depth through its 160 pages the following subjects:

Assembly, preparation and painting of landing systems, including wheels, undercarriage and landing gear. From basic painting to the most advanced detailing, scratch-building, making pieces in metal and resin, etc.

Detailed and painting of interiors of any aircraft. For example: open panels, avionics systems, kit parts, scratch-built, and aftermarket kits.

Engine detailing  from radials to turbines, including engine construction, scratch-building, construction and painting of engine details.

Exterior assembly of all types of exterior parts including wings, fuselage, masking, detailing, sanding and polishing, correction of incorrect parts, scribing panel lines, edging, stressed metal, navigation lights, and more.


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