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6054 Aircraft Modelling Techniques vol.5 - Final Steps

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Producent: AMMO of Mig Jimenez
Kod produktu: AMMO6054


Tytuł: Aircraft Modelling Techniques vol.5 - Final Steps

Numer katalogowy: 6054

Wydawnictwo:AMMO OF MiG

Introducing the Fifth volume of the definitive modeling guide, Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques. This volume covers the following subjects in depth through its 155 pages and more than 700 high quality pictures:
How to assemble, paint, and weather fuel tanks and all types of weapons including missiles, bombs, machine guns, and cannons.
How to proceed with the Final Steps, including the key steps to get the best finishing possible on our models: final painting steps; painting of propellers; navigation lights; transparent covers; probes, antennas and small parts; assembling parts painted seperately; antenna wires and braces. As well as the final weathering effects of dirt, grease stains, oil, fuel, dust, earth, and mud.


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