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6055 Aircraft Modelling Techniques vol.6 - F-16

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Producent: AMMO of Mig Jimenez
Kod produktu: AMMO6055


Tytuł: Aircraft Modelling Techniques vol.6 - F-16

Numer katalogowy: 6055

Wydawnictwo:AMMO OF MiG

Extra volume of the definitive Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques now available individually.
In this volume, we will see the whole process: assembly, painting, weathering and finishing steps on a single model, a 1/48 scale F-16c Block 30:

- Assembly and painting of cockpit.
- Detailing and painting of undercarriage.
- Exterior assembly and detailing.
- Camouflage painting in three colors, with modulation and zenithal light effects.
- Placement of decals and stencils.
- Weathering and dirt effects.
- Nozzle painting.
- Final Steps and weapons
This kit was chosen because it is quite complete, combining interesting detailing, attractive painting, and realistic weathering techniques.
This book is organized in the same fashion as the rest of the Encyclopedia and in the introduction of each successive chapter we will refer to the corresponding section of the Encyclopedia. This way you can look up more examples for each step or effect.


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